Who we are

Urbensis is an international team of architects based in Madrid and Beijing. We address the design of socially relevant infrastructures such as those related to transport, health, sports and leisure spaces, as well as the design and real estate development of residential and workplace facilities. Within these six sectors, we work on the urban, architectural and interior design scales for government institutions, corporations and individuals.

We design and develop a precise architecture that emerges from a genuine understanding of the social, ecological
and symbolic specificity of each place.

As a result, our buildings naturally settle in each of those latitudes for which they were designed, strengthening the links between architecture and the environment, between people with their communities and, by extension, between people with each other.

Design Process

In Urbensis, we approach each project by stating questions, researching and clarifying the criteria that will guide the architectural proposal and the subsequent development. We conceive the process as a journey that continually absorbs the needs and desires of all the parties involved in the process, taking care to maintain a coherent vision of it.

Our architectural projects are the result of three important attitudes: Empathy, Ecology and Emotion..

These guiding aspects are rooted in the understanding of the culture, customs and history of each place, as well as its climate, technical and material resources. Such principles contribute to the timeless architectural endeavors such as spatial organization, light and geometry that ultimately shape each of our built forms.

Urbensis History

In 2010, Manuel Navarro Zornoza founded the Urbensis in Barcelona. Sometime later, the company would win its first architectural commission in the heart of the Chinese capital, which would motivate its relocation to Beijing.
During its formative years, the company designed projects ranging from transport, leisure spaces, sports facilities and healthcare from their urban to architectural scale. In 2018, the company opened a second office in Madrid with its involvement in the design and real estate development of residential and workspace facilities.

This international condition laid the foundations for the principles and ethical approach in the development of the company.

Our projects are developed under a choral effort formed by a group of architects and directors who work under the same principles, forming a greater force as a group than the simple sum of solitary efforts.