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Design Process



At LATITUDE, we approach every project by raising questions and analyzing key criteria to drive our design solution.

We conceive the design process as a journey that continually absorbs the necessities of all parties and forms a coherent final vision. For us, the deep study and full understanding of actual conditions and requirements for the project will deliver all answers.

Following a step-by-step decision process, our architectural projects are the result of the observance of three main principles: Empathy, Energy and Emotion.

These guiding principles are rooted in the understanding of local conditions such as site, function, culture and history. Even more, we fully observe these principles in our computer simulations, to help us design not only energy-efficient buildings, but buildings that take the environmental conditions of each territory as the first reason to drive the design process. Such principles are further combined with timeless architectural endeavors such as space organization, and considerations on materiality and building image.

Each of our projects looks and performs differently, due to the specificity of particular circumstances. Yet, all of them share the same principles, making each and every case, a testimony of our company values.