BHG (Better Homes and Gardens) selected LATITUDE to design a living space for renowned Pianist Lang Lang.
The on-site shooting will be featured with Manuel N. Zornoza and Lang Lang and is scheduled to be filmed in June 9th.
The space covers 86 square meters and is located in the 798 Art District of Beijing. LATITUDE is designing a 3-areas space concept that will be dedicated to living and bath area, with an indoor garden.  The aim is to design a very essential, primitive space by using few but rich elements that connect the living experience to nature. Far beyond the current design trend for habitat interior design, this space will explore the possibilities of going back to the ESSENTIALS!

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Our team of this project is made up of Manuel N. Zornoza as chief designer, and Lisa Bai and Bo Liu as interior designer and site supervisors. The construction is set to be completed in June the 8th. LATITUDE interior design team is passionately devoted to provide chill-out design solution! Stay connected with our social networks for more backstage updates!

《美好家园》杂志本期空间秀栏目邀请到纬度建筑Manuel N. Zornoza为知名钢琴家郎朗打造居室空间概念。空间搭建完毕将由Manuel N. Zornoza与郎朗二位共同演绎,并在6月9号进行现场拍摄与录制。


此次空间秀拍摄现场位于北京798艺术区,总面积86平米。我们将整个区域划分为三个区域,主要功能为浴室和室内花园。我们采用简洁且丰富的元素,皆在打造最为朴实、亲近自然的居家体验。与当今家居概念趋势相径庭的是,该方案意在回归自然,回归本质。 该项目由Manuel N. Zornoza担任主持,并由室内设计师白杨刘博负责项目开发及现场指与监管。整体施工与室内布置将于6月8日结束,纬度设计团队励志为本次空间秀呈现清新脱俗的空间解决方案!