Following the opening of The Spring Pavilion, LATITUDE will exhibit three projects which vary in terms of size and functionality. Despite their differences, these projects show a constant commitment to improving the standards of our urban life. These projects are Daxing Exhibition Center, Original Life Market, and the ongoing Tungshu Solar Mixed-Use Center.
The projects will be displayed until the end of April, in The Spring Pavilion that has also been designed by LATITUDE, in the Beijing Financial Street Mall.

In addition to this exhibition, Manuel N. Zornoza will be talking about LATITUDE’s projects and ideas on April 17th, at 3pm, at The Spring Pavilion.


大兴展示中心有机食品超市及东旭太阳能综合商业中心。展览将持续到4月底,纬度建筑创始人及首席建筑师马努• 纳瓦罗• 索诺撒将于本周日(4月17日)下午3:00PM,在“春天展馆”(北京金融街购物中心内)与您分享纬度建筑项目的设计理念及设计经验。欢迎您来这里和我们一起感受不一样的春天!