Last night in Shanghai, Manuel N. Zornoza was awarded «Best Entrepreneur in China» by the Society of Architects of Spain.

The ceremony was sponsored by the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office (Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad) and the Spanish Government (Gobierno de España). Manuel received the award from Javier Enjuto representing Omega Zeta Building Materials.

«I started my career by founding LATITUDE whose first projects were in China, far from my hometown in Spain. In those circumstances, I realized that the way to succeed in our projects is always with a great team behind it. For this reason, I would like to dedicate this award to them.» Manuel said.

Other winners were: Neri and Hu Design and Research Office, Iñaki Abalos and Ingenor.

About SAS:
The Spanish Architects Society in China is a platform that aims to encourage an active link between Spanish and Chinese architecture and design.
It is conceived as a two-way bridge, being a meeting point between Professionals, Academia, Government and Institutions of both countries.
Nowadays, there are around 500 Spanish architects working in China or with a strong professional relationship with this country.

More pictures in LATITUDE facebook.

6月4日晚,马努•索诺撒在上海荣获西班牙SAS 2015年度“在华企业家”奖项。
本次颁奖典礼由西班牙驻华经济使馆(Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad)和西班牙政府倾情赞助。Javier Enjuto先生代表Omega Zeta建筑装饰公司将奖杯颁发给马努。
其他获奖设计公司:如恩设计,Iñaki Abalos 和 Ingenor。

SAS(Spanish Architects Society)在中国连接着西班牙和中国境内优秀建筑的设计。