Since September 21st, Manuel N. Zornoza has been offering a 8-week teaching program to the 4th grade students of Architecture in Southeast University as a guest professor.


His teaching program was named «The Function of Style«, which aims to help students to acquired the insight behind any architectural decision. By obtaining the basic methodology, students will be able to develop architecture design based on the understanding of local elements, such as weather and culture and determining factors available only in specific places such as technology and materials.

Students have been divided into groups, each group 2 people. The first phase of the program focused on on-site research, to recognize the value of the local material and how does elements such as culture, climate and site condition determine architectural configuration. In the second phase, students were instructed to develop an in-depth study of the selected site to determine the residential buildings and common facilities general configuration. The third phase students were instructed to design deeper residential buildings and the unit types. The residential and common facilities will be oriented to three different groups of people, based on the factors such as age, gender, family size and life routine.

Selected Students Works:[ezcol_1third]

Students’ Feedback:

«This program offered me quite a new experience, it is really different from the past. Professor Manuel’s architecture approach inspired me that following the concept is the most important thing. I believe that good designs are the ones express themselves. » said Hanhui Feng.


«I have learned a lot from this program. It changed my mind from the beginning. Manuel inspired me with the idea of «Strong Concept», let the idea play from the beginning and let it run through each phase of the project. I like this way of designing and I will continue follow this principle in my later studies and careers.» said Xingyu Zhou.


«During the 8 weeks I have obtained new skills and knowledge in rethinking how to localize our concept into a specific master plan. During the workshop, the original idea in our mind sprung up and became more and more clear. Manuel brought us influence on shaping an Architecture with a much more holistic approach: environment, site conditions, culture, technologies and so on. I think that is what we say a logical design.» said Li Zhang.

Guest-professor Manuel Zornoza during the final presentation:


Manuel said: «Style is usually understood as the combination of distinctive features of people’s artistic expressions or preferences. Nevertheless, during the past eight weeks, students of Southeast University and I have been searching on how to make architectural decisions based on the understanding of local factors. Together, we have been focusing on analyzing variety aspects such as local climate, materials, available technology and so on in order to develop their architectural proposals. It was intriguing to read student’s architecture solutions during the final review. All of them quite different from each other’s, each of them expressing its unique solution for the specific group of people who will live their everyday life in that specific site.»

Courtesy to Dean Mr. Dongqing Han, Teacher Mr. Chengbo Wang, Teacher Mr. Yuan Zhu, Teaching Assistant Mr.Weiqiao Wu for their participation of the final review. More information and pictures available on Facebook Page.