SteamRhino Brewery Bar

Copper is the main material applied to create craft beer experience for the customer

Steamrhino Brewery was created to surprise and indulge patrons with a unique craft beer tasting experience. The concept delivers the expertise gained from working with traditional craft beer fermentation techniques to a contemporary and cozy gathering place.

In 2015, the founder of Steamrhino decided to open a bar chain in China to provide patrons with a venue to better taste and enjoy craft beer.

Among his requirements a key principle was pointed out: to make visually accessible to customers the process of beer distillation.

This 350 m² space is composed of a main dining area and a VIP room, kitchen and other service areas.

The dining area is organized around a bar counter in the center, which is radically accessible from all directions. A battery of eight brewing kettles is located behind a glass wall on one side, making it also visible from the entrance in order to welcome customers.

Due to the industrial appearance of the elements in the project, copper materials take the leading role, shaping up joints, ceilings, lamps, handrails and other design elements according to the nature of artifacts used during beer production, such as pipes and tanks.

The concept provides ceiling lamps with golden mesh surfaces and copper pipes which, on one hand, channel the wiring, shape the lamps and the signage, and on the other, indicate zones in the dining area.

These ceiling lamps work according to a design concept: pipes coming down hold big glass bulbs that provide warm color lighting, a sense of coziness, and a unified look.

In addition, pairing concrete walls and floors with wood furniture complete the selection of materials and give a strong character to the bar. The floor in the dining area is finished with concrete of three different tones, while most of the walls portray concrete as well.

The wooden elements are applied in the sitting areas, tables, chairs and bar counter, providing the design with a touch of domestic and welcoming feeling that anybody would desire for a long afternoon with friends sharing craft beer.