Villa in Perleta

From a dilapidated house to a new home

The construction of the villa dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and responds to the traditional structure of rural houses in the countryside of Elche, Spain.

The typical villa in this area was that of the modest farmer: a ground-floor house, a rectangular structure, a gable roof made of Alicante tiles, with a large porxà on the main façade, and later buildings for the animals.

In the case in question, the house is made up of two floors, where the second floor has historically been used as a chamber.

The materials used are the typical ones on which rural construction in this area of the Elche countryside is based: stone, mud, lime, plaster, reeds, wood and tile.

These large houses have ceased to be a reflection of the local economy and have become proud symbols of the most recent past.

The noble initiative of this project is the recovery, conservation, and enhancement of a century-old home that is a testament to the agricultural and architectural tradition of the rural countryside of Elche.